Fifa Mobile 20 I How to make coins Lesson 3 Double your coins Investments for SBC

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Do you want to make coins in Fifa Mobile? If your answer is yes, then you should check out this video!
In today’s video I will show you how to make coins in fifa mobile. To make millions of coins in fifa mobile you need to understand the market. With market you can make a lot of coins in fifa mobile 20 completely for free. You can beat p2w players with smart investing and I will show you in today’s video who to invest in. Best investments are cards that will be in demand. So SBC is coming and I think you should be prepared. How to prepare for SBC? Well, you are in good hands. I will teach you witch are the best players for SBC and those players will be the most profitable. In order to understand how market works check out this video. In this video, I breakdown the market in details. I explained everything you should know about the market.
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How to make coins – Lesson 2:

Moving on. In today’s video I shared with you some of my best investments. This is how I made a lot of coins in fifa mobile 20. Smart investing is key. For those who are new in this game, I suggest you check some of my other videos on my channel. I made a video for those with low budgets. So if you have less than 1m COINS click this link and after you make 1m coins come back to this video. This was my first lesson. Don’t hesitate, start making coins now! Here is a shortcut for you;

How to make coins – Lesson 1:

Back to this video. I revealed a secret to my success. I invest in high rated players from top nations. For example one of my favorite filters for sniping is 88 ovr players from top nations below 110K. Those will make you some nice profit. You can earn so many coins with those investments. I suggest you get at least 5 players from each nation. The best positions are ST, CM, LB, CB, RB and GK. I would focus more on those players. Especially Gk, CB and Strikers will be in demand. When SBC comes, market will go up and then you should sell your players and make a huge amount of coins. For low budgets I suggest you to invest in 76+ GK below 17K. Some totw Goalkeepers are cheap and they are from good leagues and top nations. If you have a lot of coins then I think you should Invest in some masters. The best investments for high budgets are 92 Abraham and Lacazette.

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